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outside the library of the school I taught in, Nov 2015

(This is a pinned “About” post. Scroll down for blog updates.)

I am a Malaysian PhD student in Education at the University of Cambridge. My thesis research looks at teacher accountability policy and sociocultural context across countries.

Prior to starting the PhD in 2016, I spent two years teaching English in a high-need secondary school. I have also worked on a few research projects, including a guide to help Malaysian education researchers work with TIMSS and PISA microdata. For details of past and current research projects, click here.

Some of my non-academic writing is listed on this page. If you’d like to get in touch, you can email me.

If you’re wondering how to pronounce my given name, Yue-Yi, it’s 悦义. If, like me, you can’t read Mandarin, you can approximate my name by saying the acronym for the United Arab Emirates – U.A.E.

If anything on this blog is useful or interesting to you, I’d love to hear from you, whether in a comment or via email.



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